• Within the Master Class on European cultural policies, the students in MA Cultural Management will be meeting Mrs. Tsveta Andreeva - European professional in the field of cultural policies. The discussion will be held on January 10-th, 2016 at 10 am in the 18-th auditorium, 21 Kostaki Peev Street.

  • On January 9-th, 2016 from 10.30 am in the discussion of the Master Class on European cultural policies will participate Mr. Sylvain Pasqua from European Commissioner for Culture.

  • ENCATC PRAXIS N°9 for Students is here

  • In cooperation with the Czech Centre and its Director, Ms Catherine Hurtaeva service is provided to students by the program Cultural Management in EUNIC (International Network of National Institutes for Culture), with headquarters Brussels. The internship will take place in EUNIC - Sofia office.
  • The new Master's program "Cultural Management" ensure the exchange of teachers and students with the French University Paris 13.

Магистърска програма Културен мениджмънт

MA in Cultural Management

About the Program


The program aims at offering theoretical as well as more practically oriented knowledge in the sphere of cultural management and cultural entrepreneurship. In parallel to this, the curriculum opens the scope for enhancing the understanding of culture and society, of the values and ethical norms at stake in the dialogue between cultures and individuals. The courses offer further insight into the culture and cultural heritage of Bulgaria and Europe, as well as knowledge of contemporary cultural policies and strategies which function towards democratization of society and the improvement of the quality of life. An important aspect of the program is the adoption of a new approach, the participative approach, to the cultural sector, aiming to actively involve citizens in cultural processes. The program offers knowledge and develops competences and skills for managing cultural institutions and organizations, for methodologically conceiving of and developing projects, for managing and evaluating projects in the cultural sphere, for organizing and promoting cultural events and products. At the same time it offers foreign language education in the specific domain of cultural management which develops further graduates' skills for social and business communication in response to policies for European mobility and exchange of managers, artists and people engaged creatively in the cultural sector.

A key feature of the program is located in the closely-knit cooperation between university based academic learning and the educational possibilities offered by partners in the real cultural and creative sector which is geared toward acquiring practice-oriented skills in an European context. The MA program offers opportunities to study with an international body of academics, university lecturers and professionals in the sphere of cultural management from Europe and beyond. Another characteristic feature of the program are the practicums and internships which create a fruitful environment for acquiring practical skills and for applying theoretical knowledge in real working conditions at different levels of management and partnerships.